Information Technology Student – My Statement Of Purpose

A Statement of purpose should state your personal traits, and work experience that are relevant to the application. It should also highlight certain situations where these traits have helped overcome situations and how you intend to give back to the community. It should clearly state your motivation for applying, this motivation should not be a general one but should be specific.

Statement Of Purpose Sample

The guiding principle of my life is to have passion for my work. I strongly believe in undertaking activities that I enjoy, so that I can channelise all my energies in one direction and persevere in a dedicated manner. I believe in life by choice, not by chance. 

Convergence of management and technology …

The growing pace of advances in information technology and communications has affected the way we do business. New technologies have introduced increased levels of automation. Information systems have made it easier to communicate, collaborate and cooperate to achieve common goals. To survive, thrive and beat the competition in today’s  competitive world, business organizations have to make  technology an ally and harness its full potential.

With my understanding and experiences from nearly four years of undergraduate study in information technology, I believe that my interest and aptitude lies in subjects that involve convergence of technology and business.  My goal is to develop skills needed to unleash the power of  Technology to corporate world and effectively complement existing management system with new emerging technologies. A formal education in technology management will help me build a global sense and understanding of many different business activities in the context of an emerging techno environment. My ultimate goal is to be independent and apply all this knowledge and experience to my own venture.

Odyssey from school to graduate studies …

Nath valley schoolprovided me with a very challenging and highly invigorating environment for my schooling. Having scored A1 grades in all my subjects in higher secondary school examination, I secured admission in the Information technology course at the Cummins College of engineering, affiliated to the Pune University (Popularly known as “Oxford of The East”).

As a freshman in the undergraduate program, I came across a gamut of subjects in information technology, which were interesting and exhaustive. My curriculum is a blend of core technical subjects (Operating Systems, Computer Networking and Internet, Microprocessor Techniques etc) and application-oriented subjects (Database Management Systems, Software Testing and Quality assurance, Management Information Systems etc). I thoroughly enjoyed studying Management Information systems. My inclination towards Information systems prompted me to choose Enterprise Resource Planning as an elective in the seventh semester. Courses in Organisational Behavior and Industrial Management were a phenomenal experience and gave me the elementary management orientation. The importance given to management in Engineering curriculum was just enough to excite my interest but hardly adequate for me to play an effective managerial role. Extensive laboratory work helped me gain proficiency in several programming languages like C, C++, PL/SQL etc. I am familiar with operating systems like LINUX, MS-DOS, WINDOWS NT.

I am doing a systems project with Codito technologies since July 2002. The project requires understanding and modifying the Linux Operating system kernel. This is my first exposure to industry. As a project leader I have been playing a very active role in formulating a development strategy encompassing project management activities such as risk analysis, requirement analysis, project scheduling and tracking, concurrent versioning, designing, test case designing etc. Deployment of software engineering approach has been an interesting experience.

My suitability for the course …

In my quest for self-improvement, through the above years, I have made progress in both professional and personal dimensions of my life. I have tried to be a well-balanced person.

I have gained university recognition for academic excellence. I have particularly performed well in subjects like Organizational Behavior and Management Information Systems that are of great relevance to the masters program. I claim a sound and diverse technical background. I am confident that my qualities, my passion for studies and the inspiration that I have drawn from all directions will help me do well in postgraduate studies.

All along, I have managed to maintain the principles of ethics and integrity, a strong sense of purpose, and morality, which binds me rigidly. Appointment as student leader in all stages of my school and college life has presented me with opportunity to interact with people, develop organisational and communication skills. My involvement with speech, debate and sports has made me more than just an academic person.

I would like to conclude by saying …

In the pursuit of excellence and with a passion to reach the highest skills in my discipline, I look upon UMIST as a springboard to accomplish my dreams. This esteemed institution can serve as a ladder and enable me to achieve higher aims by providing me the most contemporary input and exposure. I think of it, I dream of it; and I believe that I am capable of meeting the high standards and coming out as a distinguished alumna.