Social Media Use Free Essay

Social media use has enhanced my interaction with my friends, family, and other people in various parts of the world. Social media has made the world to be a global village since it connects people from various backgrounds across the world (Ellison et al. 1144).


The current generation has significantly embraced technology. With gradual technological advancement, it has substantially influenced people’s social life. At the moment the way we communicate has been impacted by technology.

There are various means of communication today that is aided by technologies such as communication through mobile phones in form of voice calls, text messages, social media such as Whatsapp, and emails amongst others (Kaplan and Haenlein 60). However, the latest and most prevalent social trend at the moment is the use of social media in communication. Most people especially the youths have embraced this trend significantly such that it now looks like it is a norm for them. Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among other social media platforms have caught the attention of almost everyone since they are accessible and quite convenient to use (Kaplan and Haenlein 62). Personally, I have embraced this social trend of communication of using social media in my day-to-day life. Therefore, this paper discusses social media as the current social trend that has directly impacted my life. This trend has affected me and other people as well both positively and negatively and I think in future social media will transform people’s way of interaction even more.

Social media use has enhanced my interaction with my friends, family and other people in various parts of the world. Social media has made the world to be a global village since it connects people from various backgrounds across the world (Ellison et al. 1144). Unlike before, with the help of social media for instance Facebook, Instagram, as well as Twitter, definitely I can now interact with my friends, family, and other people without any inconvenience. Every day I enjoy the convenience of getting instant feedback from my friends. Communication via these social media is fast and very reliable making interaction fast and easy (Ellison et al. 1144). Interaction currently is fast. For instance, in school, we use social media such as Whatsapp group to conduct group discussions from wherever each and every one of us is at without necessarily meeting in person. This has made life easier with fast and reliable interaction despite the difference in the geographical location of the people interacting.

Social media has been one of the knowledge bases since it facilitates information and knowledge sharing. A lot of information is being sent via these social media platforms. For instance, health tips are shared through social media since people can easily access this information to help them get advice on how to live healthy lifestyles (Ellison et al. 1146).  I have learned a lot of things from social media. For example, when I am scrolling through Facebook or Instagram I usually come across some interesting post that is very informative. I have no doubt that social media has been my knowledge base that has been so informative and has improved my general knowledge about many things.

Social media has facilitated a link between government and its citizens since all regulations, as well as governmental events, are transmitted via social platforms. Since social media has been significantly embraced by people, the government has also been able to get on board and utilization of social media in informing and educating the masses on the policies as well as regulations in place for the people to follow (Ellison et al. 1148). In essence, social media has facilitated the education and teaching of people their basic rights so that they can get to know how to abide by them. Personally, my interaction with social media has enabled me to learn certain basic rights which I did not know before. For instance, through a certain Facebook post, I got to learn that as a United States citizen I have a right to worship and to choose a religion on my own.  I was not aware that such a law existed and I used to believe that one does not have the freedom to choose the religion they want to belong to. The convenience that social media has established in accessing government services and advice is incredible thus enhancing the people to be aware of their rights and other laws which eventually make them be law-abiding citizens.

Moreover, social media has transformed life to be more fun. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are modified and structured to not facilitate communication through text but also through emoji which have spiced up communication and made communication be more fun and interesting (Ellison et al. 1149). I am very fascinated by these emojis as they make conversation to be interesting. They also help to give a good understanding and to give emphasis on certain information. I find emoji to be making conversations lively, especially in group conversations in Whatsapp groups. A conversation with text only is boring, therefore emoji have made my life to be fun and interesting.

Social media has also affected me negatively. Social media has exposed me to explicit content that is inappropriate. For instance, on an average day, I come across pornographic content in Instagram. Social media such as Instagram has been abused extensively and used to display pornographic content that is immorally wrong. Social media has played a significant role in distorting my moral and ethical conduct (Ellison et al. 1149). It is morally wrong to post nude post on social media displaying them to other users. Since social media is very influential, I have developed some of these inappropriate behaviors by posting some half-nude photos on Instagram. Just to recap, social media is full of influences that have already negatively affected me.

Social media has greatly influenced and mobilized people to resort to violence. For instance, Twitter has commonly been known to be a platform where people insight themselves to commit negative vices which ignite disagreements that lead to conflicts (Kaplan and Haenlein 64). In essence, such social media influences people act like a mob which can result in violence. On a personal level, I have at some point, I have ever been got into a mob fight that was ignited through a certain Whatsapp group. I never anticipated that it would end up like that but due to the influence in the group conversation in Whatsapp, I ended up being part of the act.

Modified structures and components of social media such as emoji have exaggerated conversation thus rendering the communication to be ineffective (Kaplan and Haenlein 65). Emojis have led to misinterpretation of a conversation. This has caused confusion thus rendering the communication to be ineffective. For instance, sometimes when conversing with my friend through Whatsapp, he tends to misunderstand what I mean when I add emojis to our conversation. This sometimes upsets him which leads to our misunderstanding. I tend to like using emoji every time I am conserving through Whatsapp since I am used to it but unfortunately the use of such emoji have caused a lot of misunderstanding that have ultimately made some people be my enemies. Because of this emoji, it has affected the relationship between me and other people negatively.

Social media use as also insight me to copy and imitate the good, flashy lifestyle of celebrities which has really strained my financial resources. Being from a humble background with limited financial resources, I have ended up copying the expensive lifestyle that I see on social media so as to look like them which has made me develop some inappropriate vices. For instance, I have been admiring how other people dress up well and always dine and whine about inexpensive hotels as they post their photos and videos on Instagram, a certain day I decided to steal some money from my father to go buy some good expensive clothes so that I would look good like other Instagram users. The urge of trying to keep up with the looks of other people in Instagram led to the development of my inappropriate behavior of stealing from my parents (Kaplan and Haenlein 72).


To sum up, the social trend of communication via social media is very prevalent worldwide. The convenience attributed to the utilization of social media has skyrocketed the embracement of these media.  This trend has greatly influenced a lot of people both positively and negatively. Social media has indeed improved communication by creating convenient and quick reliable conversations. In the nearby future, the use of social media trends will have transformed significantly to greater levels. The impact on people’s lives will be double those of existing the moment since social media continues to develop day by day. With this advancement, it is projected that violence will increase as there will be a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. However, the convenience of using these media will be better than it is currently.