A Free Sample Essay About My Personality Test

Psychometric personality test

ESFJ-T Personality (consuls)

Extraverted – 89%

Observant – 77%

Feeling – 46%

Judging – 89%

Turbulent – 32%

The outcome obtained from the 16 Personalities (2019) test portrays that I am very extroverted, and have a tendency of being very judging and observant. I have high reasoning and thinking capacity and a relatively moderate feeling. My assertiveness is moderate while my turbulence is quite low. Most of them are above 50% according to the data while feeling and turbulence are below 50. They demonstrate that they have a sense of responsibility and achievement and are good at establishing relationships with others. When at work, the consul lives to have their task and duties clearly defined, and I definitely find this to be right. They perform well when it comes to their duties which actually fits with a business adviser career since work performance tends to vary based on job specifications. The comment that they sometimes tend to be agitated with criticism caught my attention. However, on my self-reflection, I tend to behave the same way when unfairly treated. More precisely, I was more motivated by their feedback regarding the ability to involve team workers and I could tell the connection between the preferred traditional power structures and the feeling of some sort of discomfort whenever I am challenged.

Prospects planner

In the prospects planner list, I identified that the responsibilities of the business adviser were the 34th in the planner list. I have always had a deep interest in taking business advisers as my career path. I found that suitability for this career was appropriately high on all four scales. Moreover, my motivation and desires strongly fit into this career. I have been certain about taking this career path and I intend to take more research to determine the job roles that are expected as a business adviser or the experience that is needed. The experience needed for a business adviser according to prospects includes the role of providing information, offering support, tutoring, giving advice and guiding the business. This could range from individuals looking to start their own business to supporting established businesses to grow, scale-up, change or diversify their business model. Currently, I tend to be supportive of other people and like giving advice and guidance. I am a person who is able to work under pressure and I tend to be a critical thinker which leads me to make rational decisions. Taking a look at the working hours, the job will be more demanding and needs more time. I will be expected to report to work from Monday to Friday every week to work from 8 am till 5 pm. I find this working out for me because I am flexible in adjusting to working schedules and environments. To sum up, I have come to the conclusion that the ability to provide information, advise and coach business people are the most vital skills that are required by employers.

Belbin Team Roles

Preferred Team RolesTeam score out of 70

From the outcome of Belbin’s Team Roles, we can see my desired behaviour. I managed to score highest in the roles of informer and coach. The adviser and guider roles were average while the consultant role got the least score. I preferred not to choose the last role which is a consultant because I found it to be of less significance and of low preference to me.

Scoring hiring in the team role informer reflects that I am practically knowledgeable and experienced in this career. This demonstrates that I am efficient in providing information to businesses and ensuring that businesses adapt to changes. My other strength is demonstrated by the high score obtained from the role of being a coach. This reflects my preference to assist other people. I like helping other people, especially other students in our academic work.

The adviser and guider roles tied in the scores being moderate which reflects that my preference for advising and guiding others is quite moderate.  Currently, it tends to advise someone based on his or her attitude towards me and the information I am sharing. The lowest team role is a consultant which demonstrates my low preference and emphasis on offering consultation services. I tend to put less emphasis on offering consultations. All in all drawing from the scores, I have realized that each team role affects my results and effectiveness in my career pathways.

Actual Job Advert

Based on the job advert for the business adviser job position the behaviour identified includes maintaining open and honest communication with the client, associates and networks, being respectful, flexible in my work duties and committed to excellence at work. Apparently, I am a very honest person and tend to find it easy in maintaining effective communication. I am flexible to changes and ready to adapt to any environment and changing situations. With regards to experience identified, they include; the ability to support a business to grow or change its business model, the ability to tutor, provide information and give advice to businesses. Drawing these experiences required, I find that I am currently not quite experienced to support the business effectively till it grows but I believe after completing my future optional modules I will be able to.

Johari Window Insights

Open Space: This includes my behaviours and experiences such as flexibility, confidence, respect and sense of achievement. I am aware of them and they are also acknowledged by my friends and classmates.

Blindspot: My blind spot is the notion that I am quite slow in working as compared to others. I do not believe so but I am normally told by my friends and lecturers that I work slower.

Hidden Area: My hidden area is I am an online blogger that gives motivational advice through written articles. My friends do not know about it yet and they do not know that I am good at giving advice.

Unknown Area: My unknown area is the ability to undertake business diagnostic needs assessments. I am not aware if I have the ability to handle this since I have not done this before and neither is anyone aware if I am capable.

Motivated Skills Inventory

Conducting research ©Counseling or guiding others with an area of difficulty (S)Collaborating with others on projects (S)Helping and encouraging others in a time of need (S)Leading groups or teams towards high performance (E)Listening to others (S)Teaching, training or instructing others (S)  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

I possess all of the above skills. Actually, I have the capacity of doing research on my own on behalf of a group.  I often like collaborating with other people and also tend to be giving advice. I am always helpful and listen to others, teach and also take active roles in leading groups. As a leader in every group work, I always strive to ensure that the group achieves high performance.

Learning benefits from Degree programme optional modules

My optional modules from my degree programs are very relevant and have concrete information that helps in making me knowledgeable. The information and knowledge that I learn from school will enable me to fit into the job efficiently. For instance, the responsibility of providing information to businesses will be facilitated by my prior knowledge obtained from the modules. The lectures of these modules train me and prepare me to be a successful business adviser in future.

Emotional Intelligence scale awareness

EmotionOut of 100
social awareness69
Relationship management.77

All the scores demonstrate that my emotional intelligence is high in all of them. In self-awareness, it shows that I am well aware of myself both my strengths and weaknesses. For self-management, a score of 80 shows that I am good at managing and controlling my emotions. Social awareness is the lowest score of 69 but a good score shows that I am capable of interacting with other and understanding their feelings by showing empathy. My score in relationship management is high too, showing that I have the ability to build and maintain relationships easily.

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