Nonverbal Cues Essay

Nonverbal Cues

A few days ago while I was at a taking lunch at a local restaurant, there was a beautiful lady sited opposite me. She was too pretty that I could not help stealing glances at her. As we were taking our meals, I looked up, stared at her and she all over sudden winked at me. I was so overwhelmed and I did not hesitate to wink back to her. I perceived that she liked me. In my mind, I knew that this was love in the first sight. I kept smiling big time and trying to figure out how I will approach her since according to me she had given me signs that she was into

me. After a while, I manned up and moved closer to her and began to seduce her. I was surprised by her reactions as she told me that she was interested in me. I told her that she winked at me indicating that she liked me but she rubbished it saying that she was only greeting me and nothing else. I was embarrassed that I misinterpreted her winking. I felt disappointed and in somewhere it affected my self-esteem issues that up today I do not feel like approaching any other lady who seems to be inviting. 

I got to learn that it is inappropriate to quickly judge some actions and interpret it to fit my own desires. This instance seeks to advise people that it is inappropriate to rush to perceive certain nonverbal cues without as it can lead one to misinterpret them and can lead to serious consequences. The advice is that people should be patient, be keen on every detail and take time to observe the nonverbal cues so as to increase the accuracy to interpret nonverbal messages.