The Why Tufts “Why this College” Essay Example

“Why do you want to attend this university/ college ?” is the question, and the answer is not easy. It takes research, and that may be the best thing you can do for yourself- know before you go. Many times this question may be hidden within another question so make sure you are answering the prompt, directly, without a floral introduction to the meat of your answer.  Your essays help colleges evaluate your interest in their school. They want to know why you decided to apply to their particular school and if what they offer matches what you want. They are assessing whether you’re a good fit for their community and whether you’ll be able to contribute to and enrich the school’s learning environment inside and outside of the classroom. Will you attend, get involved, be engaged, graduate in 4 years, and be an active alumnus?

Prompt: Which aspects of Tufts curriculum or undergraduate experience prompt your application? In short: “Why Tufts?” (200-word limit) 

In addition to providing a strong foundation in economics, Tufts provides me the opportunity to further explore global health care policy through an International Relations Program that leverages the strengths of 18 related departments and programs. I’m also keen to continue my study of the Chinese language through Tufts’ Chinese Department, studying with Professor Mingquan Wang and perhaps study abroad at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, to receive the full immersion experience. Tufts’ Experimental College intrigues me as I can take unconventional courses such as Game Strategy (EXP-0029-S) and Rising Tide: Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaptation (EXP-0021-F). Further, Tufts’ urban backdrop provides me the opportunity to play league cricket year round to train for my bid to become the first Jumbo on the US National Cricket Team, while studying abroad at Oxford would provide me with not only global economic perspectives, but also the opportunity to continue my pursuit of cricket in its birthplace. Visiting Tufts, my mother’s alma mater, I felt I was at home in Singapore. Its strengths in Chinese, Econ and International Relations, combined with its beautiful suburban campus, academic rigor, and global reach have confirmed that Tufts is the place for me. (196 words) 

I call this the “firehose” approach because it packs 14 reasons into 196 words. The author offers the reader a sense that he has clearly done his research and knows how he might make use of the school’s offerings, which is the goal of the solid, basic “Why this College” essay. 

Did you notice how easy it would be to adopt the “Why Tufts” essay for another school? Switch out “18” in “18 related departments and programs,” change the names of the Chinese professor and University, name two different interesting courses and cut the “mother’s alma mater” line and voila—suddenly this is an essay for another school.