Paint L & Paint R Similarities & Differences Essay


Painting is a significant way of conveying messages. Therefore Paint R and Paint L both are tactfully painted to talk about human life situations. The paintings are unique with various different aspects and similar ones too. This paper focuses on comparing and contrasting the various elements applied in the paintings which include; the texture, vanishing points, abstract and the lines.

The two paints portray some similarities. Both paint L and paint R have implied lines. In paint L the implied line is formed by the joining of the white and dark color. For paint R the part that the green color and the brown color meet forms an implied line. Both have vanishing points. In paint R, the vanishing point is portrayed by the road that seems to meet towards the house. Paint L has several vanishing points as the parallel implied lines seem to meet at some point.

Despite the similarities, the two paints have various differences. The most significant difference is that Paint L seems to be an idealistic paint while paint R seems to be a realistic paint. The abstract of the two paintings differs as paint R suggests to be talking about a woman’s real-life events while paint L suggests being a puzzle regarding life situations. Paint L has several layers of paint built up to make up texture on the canvas while Paint R has used creative colors to create a simulated texture. For instance, Paint R has used greenish-brown color to establish a simulated texture of grass. Also, paint L structure seems to have been created out of implied lines only while paint R structure is made up of both implied and actual lines. Paint L is made up of two color, black, and white. The differences in the tone of these colors have successfully created implied lines. Paint R, on the other hand, has used actual lines such as fence posts and also implied lines to make is presentation appeal and depict the message the painter intended to convey effectively. Additionally, in terms of line quality, Paint L seems to have several jagged lines as a way of distinguishing these lines from the others. This suggests that the painter’s point of interest is here and therefore he considers distinguishing these lines. On the other hand, paint R uses a flowing line. This suggests that the painter wanted to clearly bring out is a point that is; the road like it actually appears.


Essentially, paint L and paint R seem to have more differences than similarities. Paint L seems to be an idealistic paint while paint R seems to be a realistic paint. The composition and structure of these paints greatly differ. The life situations have been depicted in both images in different ways. Paint R has used a woman to show how life can be good and difficult as depicted by the green and dry brown grass that show the two sides of life. In pain L, it has shown life situation generally how it is complicated. Various types of lines such as the jagged lines, curved lines, straight lines and flowing lines symbolize how life can be complicated. The image seems to tell that life unpredictable. All in all, both paintings are created with high art expertise and is actually informative as the message is conveyed effectively.