Art and Culture Level of Criticality

Art and culture are facing threat that could result into extinction if immediate action is not done to resuscitate their status. Both art and culture have existed for a long time but currently they are under looked and no longer embraced like before. Artists are battling with modernity; the current generation has significantly embraced the technology advancement. Everything has been mechanized making artists services useless. And because of this reason, I think that is why universities are receiving a reduced number of students taking art related courses. Moreover, I think the practices that have jetted in with a different branding and identity so as to reach diverse markets have created a stiff competition to these professions. Probably these have made students and graduates under these professions to view their professions as being restrictive and a barrier to their individual success. As result too, universities and colleges have been rendered to integrate art courses into other major courses. With regards to culture, architecture profession is dwindling and it is probable that architects’ profession could either be quite different or even completely extinct in a nearby future.

Focusing on the future of architecture, it seems architecture still has a big battle with the economy. Global economy demands as well as economic recession have led to the transformation of business practices and evolution of projects. Construction and civil engineers have assumed the duties of architects. To save on cost, clients nowadays prefer contracting civil engineers and leave out architectures. I think contracting an architect with this tight economy is now considered to be extravagant. Keeping in mind this, who would like to take such a profession that is losing market? How will the building environment be in future? How will the taste of art and culture be in future? Is there anything that could be done to save these professions?