Enhancing Communication for Chinese International Students

Annotated Bibliography

Foster, K. D., & Stapleton, D. M. (2012). Understanding Chinese Students’ Learning Needs in Western Business Classrooms. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 3, 301-313.


This article seeks to address the tension experienced by Chinese students as a result of the increased internationalized university classroom. The article employs the use of various pedagogical tools such as face to face discussion groups among others to help Chinese students get to improve their communication. Therefore, use face to face group discussion is essential for engaging and involving Chinese business students to practice and how to communicate effectively and as well get to gain confidence.

Liu, D. (2016). Strategies to promote Chinese international students’ school performance: Resolving the challenges in American higher education. Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education, 1(1). doi:10.1186/s40862-016-0012-9

This study was commissioned to elucidate the challenges which Chinese international students encounter among them being communication barriers. This study, therefore, seeks to address the issue of language barrier among Chinese international students by suggesting the development of language skills through learning listening skills and communication skills through integrated study groups in schools so as to attain overall academic success. Face-to-face group discussion involves the active participation of all members, therefore Chinese business students get an opportunity to participate while learning listening skills, communication skills and as well getting to learn and improve their understanding on the new language being used in the school.

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This study seeks to examine the acculturation methods exploited by the Chinese international student had adapted effectively to the business courses learning the culture.  The study suggests the application of a teacher-centered approach learning strategy to be effective especially with the use of classroom and group discussions. Both group and classroom discussion enables Chinese business students to master what is talked about, promote self-perfection and contribute to the class as well.