Apollo 13 Moon Landing Movie Review

Apollo 13 is a 1995 movie directed by Ron Howard. The movie is about moon landing mission launched by NASA’s Apollo Space Program that lasted from 191 to 1972. However, it experienced challenges when the oxygen tank exploded resulting in critical system damage. This film does not actually mention it’s them, except in the one sentence narrating the theme towards the end of the film. This movie inspires several reflections and among them is that the American space program was attained with facilities the seemed like tin cans at the present day. For instance, Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean using the first plane that was stringed, also NASA went to the moon instantly when they could use the available tool present.

The film has comprehensively depicted the science behind it in a detailed and specified manner. They are depicted in a simple way. The film has used high-pitch NASA syntax so as to remain informative when handling esoteric facts that tend to be concerned about life and death. With regards to realism, nothing in this film overpowers the fact that certain zero-gravity parts of this film were shot in a NASA plane, KC-135 on an orbit which eventually gave it the name “vomit comet.” This film evokes recent history in a beautiful way resonating strongly today. Tactfully sentimental in its visual style, the costumes assigned to Rita Ryack are very appropriate and catchy as it heeds back into the movie lacking pretentious heroics and a robust community spirit that contained the astronauts together with their families. Incredibly, Apollo 13 move seems interestingly honest yet still adhering to the three-act dramatic format as expected for the standard Hollywood hit.