Statement of Purpose For A Master’s in Urban Design Student

Statement of purpose should state your personal traits, and work experience that is relevant to the application. It should also highlight certain situations where these traits have helped overcome situations and how you intend to give back to the community. It should clearly state your motivation for applying, this motivation should not be a general one but should be specific.

Statement Of Purpose Sample

Architecture as an art has always fascinated me, with the designing and use of aesthetics involved to produce visibly pleasurable structures being the centre of my interest. Since my childhood, I have been interested in shapes and forms, with my parents playing a fundamental role in the development of my interest in architecture. My father is a practising architect and greatly shaped my attitude towards designing at a tender age. This was compounded by the fact that in school, I was not fond of sciences but instead, much inclined towards creative arts. This was reflected in my grades, where I scored highly in creative arts unlike in other subjects.

Founded on this interest, I enrolled in _college and pursued a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After extensive interaction with alumni and other academicians from (the institution you are applying to), I have decided to seek enrollment with your institution for a Masters’s Degree in Urban Design to further my knowledge in the field of architecture. I have also looked at your programs and your credentials, and they live to my expectations. Particularly, I have been intrigued by the competency of your staff and their consequent contributions to the field of architecture.

The decision to enrol with your institution is driven by the desire to achieve my career goal which is to operate a multi-design house in India. To realize this, I intend to further my architectural knowledge, where I will engage in comprehensive research that will lead to reliable and publishable results. After completing my Masters’s Degree and gaining the necessary knowledge in the urban fabric, I plan to seek employment for a few years with a firm that will enable me to acquire the necessary hands-on practice. Latter, I will open my design firm either as an individual or in partnership with an equally experienced architect. Since India is a diverse and populated society, I will seek to change the lives of people in the community by promoting the construction of houses that are safe for living and through charitable contributions.

My experiences will be extensively important in the successful pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Urban Design. First, in my undergraduate studies, I handled numerous urban scale projects that entailed analyzing and resolving complex urban issues. This has helped me acquire a comprehensive approach to urban planning and design. Specifically, in my fifth semester, I carried out a project that entailed the redesigning of the KR market, where I came up with a plan that not only changed the flow of activities in the market but one that came up with an efficient system. This enhanced my natural ability to devise solutions to problems associated with poor planning.

As well, my studio experience has helped augment my creativity and innovation. The tasks in these studios required handling complex studio topics, which fostered the development of my modelling skills. This also helped in acquiring a multi-dimensional approach to design problems and therefore able to arrive at the most suitable solution to such problems. In the studios, my work was often constructively criticized by academicians and professionals in the field of architecture and design. This was instrumental in my desire to learn new ideas and gather information, which I believe is important in the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Urban Design.

My personal attributes will be equally handy to my success in the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Urban Design at your institution. Concerning this, I am extensively committed to all kinds of engagements I get involved in, which I believe will be important in helping me secure excellent grades in this course. I am also strongly aspired to acquire knowledge and therefore, can comfortably study on my own. Additionally, I am goal-oriented, self-driven, resilient to difficult tasks, and determined towards achieving the set goals. A desire for success is another prominent attribute that I possess and believe is an inspiration to the success in my Urban Design.

Certainly, my academic journey has not been without various challenges, which explain some of the inconsistencies in my grades. Largely, this is due to the fact that in college, I had to work on a part-time basis in order to cater for some of my expenses. My real academic abilities are reflected in my high school grades, where I managed to secure exemplary grades as my education was not disrupted by any other activity. I have surmounted this problem and strongly believe that I will excel in my academic pursuit at your college, emerging as one of the elites in the field of Urban Design, and with an immense positive influence on society.

In conclusion, I believe that based on my academic ground and past experiences in the field of architecture, when granted the opportunity to advance my studies by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Urban Design, I would be of much value to the architectural academic discipline and the Indian economy as well. Precisely, my desires to attain academic excellence in and contribute to this field are reasons to place confidence in my academic pursuit.