Through My World: A Life in the Day with Depression

Depression Essay

Being a 7-year-old child in an abusive family is very hectic. I come from an unhappy family. I have a loving and caring mother who is always busy trying to meet our family’s needs. My father is a heavy drinker who turns up late night every day so drunken. Whenever he arrives, he would start chaos even beating up my mother and scolding me. Life has been so miserable since my parents have always been having fights and quarrels. My nights and days have been stressful such that I have developed depression. I do not feel the love anymore and even though I have both parents I feel lonely. My parents hardly have time for me. They do not even play or cuddle with me as other parents do for their children.

Even though my mother is quite caring, she is so held up with her hustles to meet the needs of our family as my father just drowns himself in alcohol every day.  My mother has been forced to assume the responsibilities of my father as the breadwinner which has strained her a lot. At home, both my father and mother are not always around to assist me in doing my homework. Sometimes I fail to complete my homework due to the unfavorable environment to do my homework when fights erupt between my parents. And when I go to school, I get punished for failing to complete my homework. Every morning I am sure of waking up to disappointments as my days are always bad. No one checks on my health, I am just depressed and no one sees that. I feel like a stranger in my home, my parents hardly give me their attention. My level of depression rise day by day. I feel like I am alone but I am hoping that one day I will receive the best treatment and support from my parents that will help me overcome my depression.