College Choice Process

The State University in New York had always been my dream university. The State University had been well known to be the best in science majors. I wanted to study in Industrial Chemistry and I was attracted to this university because a part of offering that course it also provided more than $1 Billion annual research expenditure. This attracted me as it indicated that the university values its students and empowers them. Upon noticing this, I was interested in joining the university. I love science, and that this university embraces science and provide scientific facilities to facilitate studies brought me to State University. Apart from that, State University usually provide more than 9,000 intern opportunities. Who would turn down such an opportunity? Not me. I knew this was my future, an opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.

Surprisingly, States University was quite cheap, its tuition fee was quite affordable that my parents were also on board with me backing me up to make up my mind to join this university. I believe that my parents choosing States University to be the university I should join contributed to my decision to join this school. I had former schoolmates who were yet to join this university, I did not want to be alienated from my friends I wanted to join the bandwagon, study and hang out with my long-term friends. This contributed too in deciding to join States University. State University accommodates students from different cultures including international students and respects the value of diversity. This was the perfect environment that I wanted to be in. I wanted to interact and learn new cultures. State University a renowned university, provides quality education which attracted local and international students.

Upon making the decision to join the university, I took a step to apply to the University. The application process was simple and every information that I needed to be provided in detail and well arranged. This made the first impression. After a while, I received a letter of acceptance and upon arriving at States University, I was welcomed warmly and given someone to guide me around that I felt at home. I settled satisfied that I made the right choice joining the university as I continued to cultivate a scholarly climate which encouraged intellectual curiosity.

There are some similarities between my decision process with that of the model described by Toutkoushian and Paulsen. In Toutkoushian and Paulsen’s model, stage one which is predisposition whereby it involves deciding whether to go to college or not. I began determined to go to University (Toutkoushian & Paulsen, 2016). The passion in proceeding to higher education made me decide to proceed to university. Stage two which is initial search stage is similar to mine. In search of the university to join I looked at various factors while considering the University to join. I was attracted by States University. The admission stage is similar to me as I found the institution facilities convincing and satisfying and decided to proceed to join the university (Toutkoushian & Paulsen, 2016). The enrollment for the model is similar to mine as I accepted to be admitted and commit myself to cultivate a scholarly climate.

However, there is some difference, in the second stage which is initial search, I had one university that I was determined to join. I did not make a list of Universities to choose from like Toutkoushian and Paulsen asserts (Toutkoushian & Paulsen, 2016). Moreover, in the model, stage three the student making decision based on the costs and benefits happens during application, while as for me I considered the cost of the tuition fee earlier during the search. States University looks appealing and very convincing to prospective students. The university provides more than 9,000 intern opportunities, more than $ 1 Billion annually for research expenditure, affordable tuition fee and several online course to attract prospective students (“SUNY – The State University of New York,” n.d.).