Why I would Like to Pursue the Ms Program


I would like to pursue the Ms program at this point in my life because I have prior experience and accredited academic credentials related to the Ms program. I have worked as an account receivable clerk for the past 3 years. With regards to academics, I have an associate degree in Accounting and that is why I was able to secure those positions. Moreover, I do have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. I want to pursue a Ms program because it offers additional accounting courses that will expound my knowledge and increase my opportunities of securing a good job. Actually, without extra accounting courses, I am not able to advance my career in accounting. I consider it is important to pursue this program because graduating will give me a better opportunity to secure my dream job. Most importantly, this program will enable me to develop accounting and management skills as well as connect me with a bigger business network.

Upon graduation, I would like to remain in the accounting field to gain my experience, so I could obtain my CPA license. I have a passion for the accounting profession and therefore, upon graduating I would like to take a major in the accounting field. Some of the accounting job positions I would not mind taking include; financial analyst, tax accountant, budget analyst, auditor, or accounts payable specialist. However, my main interest and passion are to secure a financial analyst position.

Up to this point, I have to take some action to prepare myself for the financial analyst position. First, my key action that I have already taken is by searching and working in job positions that are only within the accounting industry. For instance, I three years of experience working as an account receivable clerk. In every accounting position I have held, I strove so much to learn a lot to become knowledgeable, experienced, and competent in accounting. I have been so shown much perseverance and hard work in expanding my knowledge in accounting which enabled me to secure my recent job as a financial analyst. These jobs have played a big role in preparing me with relevant experience for my future career as a financial analyst. Secondly, I have been more concerned with carrying out online research on internet databases and google search engines about topics concerning the accounting field. These online researches have enabled me to determine and understand the emerging trends in the accounting industry. The researchers have also equipped me with additional knowledge relevant to the accounting profession which has helped me gain more knowledge and current affairs related to accounting. The information obtained from the online research has significantly shaped and prepared me for my future career.


To sum up, I am committed to pursuing this Ms program to achieve my career and professional objectives. My focus is on the field of accounting, I believe that the future of my career is rested on the Ms program. My future career strongly depends on this Ms program to be successful. I am ready to take all it costs to work towards achieving both my academic and professional goals. Achieving my professional objective is all that matters to me. Therefore, I am certain that I am going to pursue the Ms program and also keep preparing for my future career.