American People: Direct or Indirect


The American people are too direct. The Americans are too assertive than other people in the world. In essence, they utilize words as tools for expressing their opinions as well as achieve their goals. Actually, the United States is an individualistic society, having less social pressure to abide by.  The United State residents tend to be speaking on their behalf and that is why they encourage democracy whereby everyone has a say. This makes the Americans believe in being direct and stand up for oneself since no one else will. Americans tend to open up and speak anything they feel like at any time.

For the Seattle people, they tend to be indirect as they prefer respecting other people’s feelings. When it comes to the Westerners, respect for everyone comes first. The advantage of being indirect is that it encourages cohesiveness and it as well encourages criticism of other people’s opinions while giving other one’s opinion. Moreover, being indirect enables one to be open and ask for help. Also, being indirect enables one to earn respect from other people thus avoiding unnecessary disrespect from other people. The importance of being indirect is that it enables one to respect other people’s feelings.


When it comes to situations that tend to hurt other people’s feeling that is when I become indirect. In such a situation I tend to communicate indirectly in order to avoid disrespecting other people. I tend to be direct in situations that infringe my individual rights. I speak directly as I fight for my own individual rights. In that instance, I do not mind about other people’s feeling but rather mind about myself since I am standing up for myself. However, the consequences of being direct entail disagreeing and hurting other people’s feelings which makes them disappointed and can make us both enemies.