My Free Self-Reflection Essay Sample

A reflection essay by definition is a kind of writing that requires the author to inform the reader about his or her attitude, idea or impression regarding a given topic. Alternatively, writing reflective essays is meant to help its author describe how a certain event, person or experience has impacted him or her; or to describe the process of his or her personal growth during an academic course or some other significant experience (this can be a journey, an important class etc).

Self-Reflection Essay Sample

“Before my internship, I knew I wanted to attend grad school, but I always said I want to work two years then
figure it out. My coworkers pushed and poked my brain to really determine what I want to do now. They
made me realize how hard it is to start working and go back to grad school. I have now figured out that I
want to start my master’s degree the following fall. I have also decided that not only do I want to get my
Master’s in Environmental Engineering but I also want to get my Master’s in Business Administration.”
“I discovered that as I continued to learn about the area of reproductive rights, I was drawn to the social
work perspective because of my interest in a “hands-on” approach to aiding women accessing these services. I
also learned that I am much more interested in the practical application of this research, such as social work
practice, rather than performing the actual research. I feel that this experience has furthered my knowledge of
women’s reproductive health issues and will be beneficial for me when I apply to intern at a local women’s
health clinic in the fall.”

“I have discovered many different aspects of myself through my connecting experience. While working with
Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) I realized that I do have an interest in the laws that regulate
the Internet. I enjoyed my assignment and would like to see how the act develops and how it is enforced in
the future… Through my connecting experience, I have been able to refine my professional goal of becoming a
lawyer. The experience has allowed me to observe the public service career path and now I believe it is a path
that I want to take… The experience taught me that I can do both and I do not have to rule out one or the
other. The experience also taught me that I want to go into an area of law that allows me to prepare and
present cases in court.”