Role Of High School Sports

High school sports play a big role in school and have a great affect on a large percentage on students. Besides academics, sports make a school’s history what it is. Also being involved in sports develops and improves a lot of skills that students wouldn’t develop in the classroom. A lot of times in athletic competitions you’re put in a position to where you have to challenge yourself and strategize on how to wear down or stop your opponent. Winning and losing competitions push you harder to achieve success and not give up. There’s still another opportunity.
Academics….learning in the classroom, something just

about every athlete needs to be successful. Yes you learn lessons in the classroom like when you pass or fail a test because you didn’t study or pay attention the previous class. This doesn’t pressure or bother enough students to want to do better on the next one, that’s why I believe athletics or sports have a better lessoned learned out of it.

Lessons learned in sports are more significant. In sports you actually pay attention to the meaning and apply it. My experience of playing sports and learning lessons from my mistakes help me a lot in the classroom because sports taught me to strive more in succeeding the highest potential I’m capable of doing. If high school sports weren’t around, a lot of students wouldn’t have a reason to want to succeed. Students want the opportunity to stay doing sports so they do well in the classroom.

Without the impact sports have on students and what it teaches them affects their decisions in the classroom along with academics. Why? Having good sportsmanship in basketball means you know how to control your actions and behavior, this plays a part in the classroom because a lot of times students patience and nerves get out of hand and they want to give up but they don’t because the meaning of sports make them not give up.