Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you a sports fan? Even if you are not, you can still pick relevant and interesting subjects to discuss and explore in your upcoming assignment. First, you will have to choose your position and make sure you have a clear idea of your thesis statement. Then, you will have to come up with relevant evidence to support both sides of the argument. Check this list of controversial essay topics in relation to sports:

  • Stereotyping for college athletes: Is playing sports going to affect your academic level?
  • Cheerleading is a real sport: Are cheerleaders shamed for what they like to do the most?
  • Colleges spend too much money on sports programs.
  • Animal sports should be banned and criminalized.
  • The types of ads broadcast during sports events watched by children and teenagers should be controlled.
  • Betting on all kinds of sports contradicts with the main purpose of practicing them.
  • Male and female athletes should be given the same salaries and chances.
  • Chess is a real sport that trains the most important organ in the body: the brain.
  • Is American football too dangerous for players?
  • Do elite athletes really deserve their enormous income?