High School Sports

High school sports can influence every student in a different way. I am influenced greatly by high school sports because they have helped me achieve a verity of things in a short period of time. Athletes like me are able to get the most out of their high school years because we can make memories without doing bad things. Most of all students learn how to manage school work, how to be a role model and build character for a life time.

Grades are important no matter if students are in sports or not. Students have to realize in order to play a sport they have to keep their grades up. This helps the kids stay on task in class and keep them out of trouble. With more pressure on the students to do good kids have to learn how to manage their time. For instance if they have seminar they learn to stay busy and not do unproductive things. Students out for sports may have a better chance at getting help. Like if their practice doesn’t start right after school they can get help after school or if their friend is in the sport they can get help from them also. I have learned with being in basketball that staying after school can help me accomplish the homework that I am having trouble with.

All kids look up to their high school sports teams. When they go to a Friday night football game they are there playing with their friends discussing how cool it’s going to be when they get that old. Young kids watch their older bothers and sisters and see that they are having fun makes them want to go out for it. That is why it is important for students to try their hardest in sports. I know when I was young I liked to see how fast the players would run up and down the floor. Teamwork is one thing that will help keeps the team together and hopefully leads to winning. This can also help the players from blaming losing just on just one person. Showing dedication can help the kids work harder in the things they enjoy too. Getting involved with school is important. Students represent our school by showing school pride. Cheering on the team is sometimes just as important as being on the team.

Getting involved in high school sports helps build character. Building character takes some time and effort. Every athlete on the team is going to mess up once in a while but they have to use that to learn how to improve whatever they did wrong. This may involve using some skills you never use in normal day life. Athletes also get to know people they would never meet up with. In every sport I am in I have become connected with coaches and that helps me when I am looking for references to put on applications. Getting to know these people is good because it helps with social skills and now these people can help with future planning, even if the students’ future isn’t guided in the athletic direction. When kids are trying to decide what to do with the ball or where to run next they learn how to take chances. With the right attitude all these will shape high school students well.

Growing up playing sports can help these young high school boys and girls. It doesn’t only create lasting memories it also helps them bond with their friends in all different ways. Sports are a good way to learn and help kids take who they are and improve it. But over all it teaches them the importance of grades, how to be role model and how to build character. Most parents are able to see this in their kids and enjoy seeing them improve.