An Essay on Employee Engagement Improvement Strategies


At the moment, organizations depend on commitment, energy, and the employee engagement so as to succeed in this 21st century. The present-day business environment is developing rapidly than it has ever been. Institutions worldwide are facing significant change that majority cannot handle so as to compete and lead their part, they need to propagate faster usually providing them a small time to concentrate on managing their entire financial objectives (Byrne, 2015, p.71). Therefore, ABC bank Human Resource manager needs to learn to shine in managing its team, himself and attaining organizational objectives. The way ABC bank’s Human Resource manages their employees is capable of significantly affecting workplace engagement levels and thus prompting the bottom line of the bank. This paper discusses the effective strategies that the Human Resource department can exploit to overcome stagnation and improve the banks’ level of employee engagement.

Encourage engagement at local and organizational levels

To begin with, the Human Resource department should emphasize engagement at both organizational and local levels. However, real change ensues at local workgroup level, though it occurs only in the event that Bank’s leaders push for change from the top (Kahn, 1990, p.693). Organizations attain the utmost gain from engagement initiatives in the event that leaders intertwine employee engagement together with managers’ performance expectations (Kahn, 1990, p.694). The Human Resource manager and other managers in other departments in the Bank have to work with employees in order to determine obstacles to opportunities and engagement for effecting positive change. In essence, employees are conversant with the Bank’s systems, customers, and processes. The employees are experts as well therefore, they have the most ideal ideas for maximizing these aspects and provide improved performance, enhance workplace experience and greater business innovation.

Provide regular employee training and coaching

The Human Resource department should organize for regular training and coaching for the employees. Establishing a culture that nurtures constant development is more beneficial beyond helping workers shape the skills they require to carry out their jobs (Schaufeli et al., 2009, p.890).  This will communicate that the Bank values and appreciate its employees and trust in their potential. As much as the employees feel that ABC bank is actually investing in their future, the more level of employee engagement will be achieved. With the aid of Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model, job resource is identified to be reliable rather than job demands are affirmatively correlated to employee engagement (Schaufeli et al., 2009, p.896). Coaching is an important aspect of enhancing employing engagement. Human Resource manager should maximize the efficacy of coaching through recommending other managers to appreciate coaching sessions and avoid canceling these coaching sessions.

Establish clearly defined engagement goals

To foster employee engagement, Human Resource department should set up and give a vivid definition of engagement goals in genuine and familiar terms. To get engagement to reality, Human Resource leaders should make engagement goals sensible to employees’ everyday experience (Crawford, LePine & Rich, 2010, p.82). A description of what success seems through powerful descriptive and sensitive language facilitates the provision of a meaning to goals and thus establishes commitment among the team. Moreover, the HR should ensure that other managers discuss employee engagement regularly in action planning proceedings, meetings, and even one-on-one meetings in order to incorporate engagement into day-to-day interactions.


            All in all, employee engagement is the driving force for ABC bank and therefore it is the mandate of the Human Resource department to mobilize and ensure that they improve employee engagement by exploiting these strategies. These strategies have to be prioritized for ABC bank to achieve its objectives.