The value of Taking Risks and Making Mistakes in Life

There are many consequences for those who choose to make mistakes in life. Some find out earlier then others. But it’s not up to us to fix others mistakes; they have to learn to fix their own problems and mistakes just like the rest of us. The positive and negative outcomes of these consequences depend on your actions and what you choose to do in life. Whatever you decide to do is there with you for the rest of your entire life.

First of all, let’s think about the negative values that would retain to education for example. Education is the primary key to success in life as to getting a job, going to college, running for some sort of office, or having the possessions you once thought about when you were a little child. All of these pertain to education, but if you don’t come to school and pay attention then what’s the point in having a job or going to college? You might as well be a nothing if it’s not worth something to maybe not you but a cousin or brother or maybe even a friend. Some people just come to school to sleep in class to make time go by, or disrespect the teachers when they ask for a simple assignment. Worst of all, they won’t even make an attempt to come to school or to try and work. These are prime examples of how to ruin your life.

Now on the other hand, the positive outcomes of education would be better jobs, better college scholarships, or more money. Now most of us have already decided what we want to pursue in life. Some want to be doctors, some want to be lawyers, maybe even a teacher or professional athlete. But with out education what’s the point in even putting the effort towards all of this. It would be like a car with no tires or wheels, or a book with blank pages. What I’m saying is there is too much talent in this world to just throw away. Not everybody was blessed with a gift from above.