Why Learning Another Language Should Not Be Necessary

The chief wonder of education is that it does not ruin everybody concerned in it, teachers, and taught. This was stated in 1901 by a Mr. Henry Brooks Adams (1828-1918) U.S. historian and writer, “The Education of Henry Adams”. When he said these words he mints that education was out to better one’s life in their way. So it would and is completely unlawful for a second language to be thought outside English and I will show this by speaking primarily on one the limited access to all languages and no preference on which one to acquire, how this would show a bias towards one profession and retract learning for individuals life career and Finally how It discards original intention of public school and search for an education.

Starting with one, the limited access to all languages and no preference on which language to be acquired. The basis of this argument is that if you are going to make it mandatory to learn a second language outside of their own natural language, then you must adequately prepared to teach all languages. Otherwise, you would be showing a preference for one language and disregard the intentions of the student and their wishes. Not only this with all the languages out there, there is no one language that sticks out far enough to make it mandatory to learn outside of English but seeing how this language has already been acquired and is already being thought as a class till beyond college this would be irrelevant. But if looking at the rest of the languages of the world, none state a necessity to be learned. Thus there is no reason to make it mandatory to teach a language if we can not even provide for all the languages or choose which one is adequate for the student to learn.

Along with no particular language and access to all languages, there is the point of how this shows bias towards one profession and retracts from learning for individuals life carrier. From this, I mean that this action would lessen the value of having an interpreter and thus throw off the market of such profession and the lifestyle of such people who operate inside this market of jobs. Not only that but this action would also take up the time of the student’s education which they could spend on the set carrier that they wish to pursue as their life job, taking away four credit points that could have bettered prepared them for such a job.

Not only a bias towards one profession but also and finally how It discards the original intention of public school and search for an education. As shown in the original statement at the front of this paper education is meant to enlighten a person so that their life may better work for them and further the growth of their status in this world. While yes it would be a great benefit to have a second language in some jobs, not all jobs have a necessity or even a basic requirement for such a trait. With this not being a mandatory thing in life, I fail to see how it should be a mandatory thing in school.

With this overwhelming amount of evidence piled against this topic I find it to be completely obvious that having a second language be thought is not only unlawful but also not practical for there is no particular language to be thought, it shows abyes towards a single profession, retracts original reason for education and Discards the individual’s choices to his own carrier. So I call for the dismantlement of this bill and push for you to further struggle to hold the purity of the reason for education and the choices of the student!