Family Tourism In India

In today’s fast-moving world everyone is busy with their own daily life; one or the other is always unable to fulfil their social obligations. In such a situation Family tourism is a great way to spend time with all the family members and have a blast together. Family tourism is fun because it acts as a stress buster by keeping us away from our daily schedule and providing entertainment for the whole family. Some of the values and beliefs which the families, having members between the age group of 16 to 45 are the importance of money and safety concerns. This is mainly because they are travelling with young adolescents. Although there are many places around the globe that act as great tourist destinations, hill stations in Uttaranchal have holiday packages specially dedicated to family travellers. Uttaranchal is a perfect place to begin your family holiday since it has a wide variety of activities which can be done in groups. Another major advantage is that Uttaranchal is not a very expensive place, thus one can enjoy it to the fullest by having very little to pay. Two of the major tourist places which have been attracting tourists for decades are Mussoorie and Haridwar.

Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is known as the queen of the mountains in Uttaranchal. It is a great place for family travellers because it has many resorts and hotels with cheap accommodations. Some of the budget hotels are Hotel Ashoka Continental, Sterling Resort and Hotel Hill Queen (“Mussoorie Hotels”). Mussoorie also has a very cool climate all around the year [7.2°C (max); 1.1°C (min)], which makes the holidays even more enjoyable. Mussoorie is also known for its apple orchards which are a sight to see during the spring season because they are full of apples and look beautiful. One of the major advantages of visiting Mussoorie is that it is well connected with roads, trains and buses so the journey becomes very enjoyable and is not hectic (“Uttaranchal Tourism”). Mussoorie is also the only mountain range in Uttaranchal which has a trolley going to a hill named the Gun Hill. This is a flat place on the mountain and has a market which looks like a carnival because it is very colourful and even has rides for children. This place draws a lot of family tourists since it is a very cheap and active place. Young adolescents especially like this place due to its glamorous look.

Haridwar is another city in Uttaranchal which is busy with tourists all year round. It is based along the Ganges River and has a moderate climate. People usually take a dip in the Ganges River and after that get their bodies massaged on the bank of the river. They do so because many trained masseurs and masseuses are available near the river. Children especially like to swim in the river and play a lot of water games. Because of this purpose, the government has spotted special points and made barriers to reduce the heavy current so people can swim without any danger. A lot of family tourists love to come here as this is a good place for relaxation and also having fun. Haridwar is one of the oldest cities in India and is very famous for its Lassi (a kind of buttermilk) and a lot of other food items like chapatti (a kind of wheat tortilla) and sabji (curry). This food is very appealing to many tourists because these dishes are specially made in this city; and, even though many other cooks can make them, the ones made here are considered the best. This place is also famous for its ancient temples which are located on low hills. Some of the major temples are Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, and Daksha Mahadev Temple (“Haridwar”). The word ‘Devi’ means goddess and most of the temples in Haridwar have this name because it is believed that the place was boomed by many goddesses.

In a nutshell, it can be seen that Uttaranchal is the perfect destination for all family travellers as it is full of entertainment for all ages of people between 16 to 45.

Now its time for you to experience the beautiful mountains and the ancient Ganges of India. So pick up your phone and book your tickets before you get too late.

Author: Anirudh Agarwal