School’s Out! Or at least it should be!

Do you sometimes feel like you see your teachers more than your friends and family? Do you wish you just have more time to yourself? Do you have personal goals that you can’t ever get to because you’re in school all day? I say we shorten the school week from five to three days. Kids need more time to rest and relieve stress. They also need more time with family and friends. A three-day week would be a positive change from an academic, social and emotional standpoint.

One reason I think we need a shorter school week is the rising stress levels among kids. We currently spend over half our waking lives in school and this leads to stress. Stress can cause illness, and many kids suffer from anxiety-related stomachaches and headaches. These illnesses make it difficult for students to make the most of their class time because they are not feeling well. Stress also leads to fatigue, and tired students cannot concentrate and get work done. A calm, well-rested student would perform better in school and get more done in three days than they currently get done in five days.

Also, a shorter school week would provide more time with family and friends. Good relationships with family and friends build self-esteem and kids need this more than ever. It is becoming more difficult for working parents to spend time with their children. Divorce is another problem. Over half of all children have divorced parents, so they have to split their time between homes. Some kids don’t have social success in school, but they make friends through other activities such as sports and drama and church. These friendships are a very positive thing, so time should be made for them.

The opposing view is that kids will not learn enough in three days, and that students will be lonely and bored with so much free time. Also, some students may even get into trouble with so much free time. I strongly disagree with these views. If teachers plan and organize well, they should be able to accomplish in three days what we now do in five days of school.

Kids Playing

Also, there are other things to be learned outside of school from family, friends and other activities such as sports, music and art. In addition, it is not fair that parents will not make sure their children make good use of time. While some kids may get into trouble, it is not fair to punish everyone for the actions of a few.

Therefore, I say yes to a three-day school week. It would reduce stress and fatigue, and this may even lead to better achievement in school. Also, students will have much needed time with family and friends. Those who oppose this change haven’t really considered all the social and emotional benefits. A shorter school week would be a good choice for all!