My Teaching Practicum Experience Reflection Essay

For my teaching practicum experience, my placement was set in a nearby school district in State College, PA at Mount Nittany Middle School and it is here where I observed and taught many bright young 6th, 7th and 8th-grade students throughout a ten-week period for a total of twenty hours. Two of these hours were devoted to delightfully teaching both a class of 25 young eighth-grade students and 40 sixth graders. The time that was spent with these students was more than inspiring but truly wonderful. My cooperative teacher did more than enlighten me on the important roles of becoming a great physical education teacher; she opened up a whole new perspective on the many rewards and experiences that teaching children can have on you and how you can affect them during some of the most important years of their lives.

When I first arrived for this practicum, I was not expecting to gain as much experience or inspiration as I had during these past ten weeks. For the first time, I was able to see how the adaptive students respond toward you as a teacher and a playmate. I could tell with each and every one of them that they more than enjoyed their time with me. Even with the smallest facial expressions and body language, it was easy to see that they were enjoying every minute of that day. With only 4 adaptive students in the class, I was able to spend more quality time with each and every one of them, and getting to know each of their unique personalities was my greatest reward.

During these past ten weeks and twenty hours of active involvement with the middle school students, two of those hours were spent teaching a sixth and an eighth grade class in place of our cooperative teacher. In the first lesson I was given the opportunity to teach, I taught the game of Ultimate Frisbee to a group of eighth-graders. This lesson was held at 10:01 a.m. on Friday, September 26th and in the lesson, I lead the students into a great warm-up activity following the rules of the game. The group of eighth-graders I had was more than eager to learn; exceptionally cooperative and they played the game well without any misdemeanours. My cooperative teacher enjoyed the lesson as well and provided me with more than enough improbable feedback.

The second lesson I taught was with a group of forty-sixth graders. This lesson was more than just practice; it was a whole new teaching experience. In the lesson, I taught a dance called the “Virginia Reel” and it was my first time seeing and teaching a dance lesson. I was surprised by how well the lesson went and again, I had a great bunch of students who did a great job, listened well, and commented on how much fun they had in the end.
I feel that it is important that students not only learn the steps to a new dance or the rules to a game of Ultimate Frisbee but that they gain an interest in the exercise and carry it on after class. It is important that we set our goals as teachers to get students physically active for a lifetime and the more ways we find to make physical activity motivating and fun, the greater chance we have of reaching that goal. Overall, this course practicum did what it was supposed to do, by providing me with a great positive learning experience and a chance to see how rewarding a student’s achievement and happiness can do for you as a future educator