Raising the Minimum Driving Age

Place the key in the ignition to start the vehicle, try to clear your blind spot and safety first; situate your seat belt. Every responsible and mature driver does the above ritual to embark on their driving journey, sadly, however, people are taking into account raising the minimum driving age. Would this or would this not be an appropriate resolution? I think not. The minimum driving age should not be raised however, others squabble on this topic.

Raising the minimum driving age would significantly incontinence large families, and independent youths. The driving age should continue at the minimum age that it is currently today. If the minimum age was amplified it would create a huge strain on large families that must depend on the eldest child of the household to run errands. Some households for instance mine; contain one mother, father and five children under the age of eighteen. However, I am the child that is eighteen and very much so reliant upon an additional adult. Other families contain two working parents; contrasting mine but, sometimes it proves essential that the eldest child be able to drive as well for responsibilities that may be requested of him or her. Independent youths depend as well on this minimum driving age. When my father was sixteen and on his own, he needed to be able to drive so that he may go to and from work and also, maintain his high school education; the capability to drive was a necessity. If the responsibility or ability to drive at such a juvenile age then what would come of these three family situations? Large families need the additional driver, working parents need a steadfast person to get things completed and the independent youths have other tasks that require their attendance and without a vehicle could not accomplish important duties.

However, others may dispute that the driving age should be raised because the most accompanied explanation is that the younger community has more accidents than the more knowledgeable drivers. Yet, I oppose that statement. Drivers of any age are similarly in danger of car accidents. It is not the age of the driver but, the maturity and the reaction time of the driver that impacts the facility. For example, during the time that I had spent living in Fort Knox, more accidents were announced with older males in the military compared to that the youthful drivers. The male drivers were irresponsible and choose to drink and drive causing an accident. Another instance to take into consideration was the car accident concerning my mother which induced the labour of my older brother. My father, age twenty-three at the time was the driver with my mother in the passenger seat and they were stricken by another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was not a young person but, an older male. It just goes to confirm that is it not the age of the person that creates accidents but, the maturity; maturity not to drink and the reaction time.

Permit the responsible and mature driver to place that key in the ignition, clear the blind spot and gently position the seat belt over their shoulder as they have been taught for several years. The minimum driving age should not be raised. Consider how it will incontinence families, especially large ones and how it may unconstructively affect the lives of others. It does not matter the age of the person or their driving experience but, their maturity and reaction time because; we all are at risk of creating an accident on the streets.