Driving Age in the USA

The driving age in most foreign countries is higher then in the United States, but the USA has more Agriculture than most of the world. This means that it is not just the parents that are doing all the work the kids are helping too. The kids need to start driving at an early age so they can go to school with out having their parents driving them in from a far distance. My point of view on the subject of raising the minimum driving age is that if the driving age goes up it will give the kids less experience, it should stay the same but higher the difficulty of the test, and maybe just increase the driving age in some places like the bigger cities.

One of the reasons that adults want to raise the driving age is because of the kids being in accidents more than the rest of society. The USA’s driving age is 16 and most of the foreign countries are 18, this is true but other countries also don’t have as much rural areas as we do. The way I look at it is the earlier the person starts driving, the better the experience the driver will get in the long run. The foreign countries also have more difficult test and it cost more to drive, so it seems like there it is a privilege for them to drive, and here it seems like it is a write. I believe that it should be a privilege and a need more than anything.

If the adults wanted to do something about the subject, and not change the driving age, I think it would be a smart idea to increase the difficulty on getting a license. It is harder for people to get a driving license in European countries than it is here. One idea is to have everyone take a drivers Ed course and not just having so many hours of driving before you can just go pay and take a small written test over the counter. A person could just lie about driving the amount of hours it takes to get one. It would be more logical to do is have all of the students in a freshman class in high school or whoever is15 the summer before they turn 16 take a mandatory drivers Ed class before they can get their license. This way the person that is driving gets to know all about the road sings and the car and it would give the money more money if the kids had to pay the school for the class.

One idea is to still increase the driving age but only do it in some places, like the city where the kids have public transportation, and still keep the learners permit the same. This way the kids could get more experience driving in the big cities, and the kids in the rural areas can work their way up driving in the smaller towns, and then moving up a little bit at a time. The kids in the rural areas need to be able to drive because of driving to school each morning and driving to where ever they are working in the fields of just at their parents shop. The kids in the rural areas would basically have a farmers permit, they would have limitations on where and when you could drive, and only to and from places. They would only be able to drive at cretin times and not just where ever they want. This way cops could have a curfew for anyone less than 18 years of age, and it would limit the amount of trouble that range of kids would get in.

The kids have accidents more than anyone in society, but there are things that we can do with out limiting them to not driving at all. My point of view is if the driving age goes up it will allow for less experience when we can drive, if the driving age stays the same the test should be harder and everyone should have to take it, and change the age if we have to, to kids in the city that really don’t need to drive other to get in trouble and go to school, and let the kids in the rural areas have them but just have limitations one them. The kids need to be able to drive some, but I believe that we are driving a little too much, and we just need to have more experienced drivers before they are driving on their own.