The Value of Taking Risks & Making Mistakes

Have you ever regretted doing or not doing a certain task? You might regret it because you didn’t want to take any risks. In life, majority people take a risk every day. Yes, some make mistakes, but some can usually take that mistake and brush it aside or learn from it. Then others take the risk again without making mistakes the next time. A firm belief is established in a lifestyle in whether or not someone is a risk taker or not. It will usually depend on how well they take to making mistakes. If a person believes they want something bad enough or they care about the situation they are in, they should take that risk to achieve what they want to accomplish, although they may make a mistake.

Taking risks adds many ups and downs to life. Positive aspects to a risk taking life are numerous. There are subjects such as: beginning a steady relationship with a boy friend or girl friend by taking the risk to ask him/her to date, you can also strengthen a previous relationship you may have had, there’s also the possibility of having luck on your side when taking the risk to get an objective done in a high risk situation. For example, if an individual is a rescue unit and they have to save someone from a rock cliff. They take that risk of having the rope break and plummeting to the bottom of the rocks, but they take that risk to keep the victim out of harms way.

A person may also earn a well known reputation by being a risk taker, like when President Franklin Roosevelt sent the bomber planes to Japan after Pearl Harbor. There was high risk of an imminent attack both on land or sea again; but Roosevelt held firm and took the risk of retaliation and saved the country from despair for the time being. When someone takes a risk they put a reputation on the line. When an individual takes the risk of making a relationship they can very easily make mistakes. The value of taking risks can be a very essential part of a person’s life; however, it could very well create turmoil for the future of that individual.

When a person makes a mistake it can hurt the individual or somebody else very badly. Making mistakes is all par for the course. There will always be a mistake to be made; no one can deny it. The way one might go about handling a situation is crucial to the number of mistakes that are out there. When you make a mistake you can either choose to let it drag you down with sorrow or you can pick your self up. Try to move on and correct the problem, before it happens again. Please choose to pick yourself up. The feeling of letting the mistakes drag a person down hurt worse than that person going on about their life and moving on. Although a mistake is usually seen as appalling, it is sometimes shown to me as a sign of reconciliation. That feeling is brought to me by making a mistake and showing remorse which in time strengthens a relationship again between conflicting people.
Every time a person is assigned to do anything of any nature they are at risk. They may not be at a dangerous risk, but it could just be the simple risk of making a minor mistake. When a police officer is assigned to a work unit, they are at risk of being hurt in the line of duty. When a student is assigned an essay they are at risk of possibly flunking the project. The values of these risks and mistakes are somewhat valuable to the everyday nature of the human world. When famous inventors pursue to make an invention they take risks and make mistakes. The inventor may take a risk and use his hard earned dollars to build something he believes in very much. And it may also take him many tries and mistakes he will eventually come through to make an evolution of products. Although the mistakes may get a person depressed, this world would have never become what it is today with out them (don’t say that yes, go ahead and make mistakes, but when a mistake is done it is done.) And who knows, somehow down the way it may help somebody.

When the founding fathers of this nation wanted to revolt and establish the U.S government they where taking almost a life threatening risk for many of the colonists. The leaders felt that if the king did not want to give up the territory for the independent states, colonists would fight for it. And who made the mistake? King George did. He made the mistake of having his troops fight against colonists to keep his control of a land that was thousands of miles away. By one man making this mistake we as Americans were able to fend them off through long battles and better our future to create the United States of America.

The value of taking a risk is valuable to a person’s personality more than likely. In some ways it’s good, and in some ways it’s bad. When an individual goes into interview for a job and on a record they have something against them from taking risks, that employer may not want any risk takers and will not hire that individual. And in some cases it may be just the opposite; the employer may need some risk takers. By taking a risk and making a mistake anybody can better prepare themselves for the road ahead. The next time it will not be a risk because that person has done it before; and if they made a mistake taking that risk last time they probably won’t this time because they have most likely corrected the problem.

Although some people in life are perfectionists and do not want to make mistakes, mistakes contribute to almost every persons daily life. Mistakes can either get you down or better your self esteem knowing that you’ve learned something.

So, in saying that the values of risks and mistakes are high and essential to life and communities worldwide, it is not wrong or terrible to make mistakes but no person has to go out looking for a risk to make a mistake. If a person believes they want something bad enough or they care about the situation they are in, they should take that risk to achieve what they want to accomplish, although they may make a mistake is is sure to benefit them in some way, they just might not see it.
Everybody, at some point or another, has been in a situation where they have to make a choice. Stick with the safe side that your instincts naturally tell you to do? Or is it time for you to step up to the plate and show how bold and daring you are? Get that adrenaline pumping. Should you go around and be safe, or take that shortcut? But what if you don’t succeed? Failure is the number one reason as to why people don’t take the risk.

You have heard the phrase, “learn from your mistakes.” And it is only true. Instead of walking 100 yards to crows the small bridge over the creek, you look at the gap between you and your destination. “You can make it” you tell yourself, “it’s such a short distance, it can’t be that hard.” So you scope out the surrounding area, searching for the best spot you can see to take off and land. You find a good spot and decide to go for it. Taking a step back, you run with all your might. Wind blowing through your hair, you step off with a great leap, soaring through the air. But as you near, you start to realize that you aren’t going to make it! You’ve already jumped and there’s no going back now. Your feet splash down on the soft mud, but your body hasn’t quite made it that far. Searching and groping about frantically for something, anything to pull yourself to the other side. To safety. Trying to bury your claws into a patch of grass, or a sturdy tree root, or even an embedded rock. But you find nothing. Only the soft, mushy mud that traps under your fingernails as you dig your fingers into the side of the wall, hoping it won’t let you fall. But your weright is just too much for it and you fall backwards, into the pit of mud and water behind you. So there you are, muddy, wet, and laying in the bottom of the creek. But it’s ok. You can just climb your way up and carry on with your life. You’ve fallen, so instead of sitting there hoping somebody will pass by to help you, do something for yourself and get back up.

People tend to think of failure as something that is all around bad. But really you just learn something new every time you fail. You cant do what you’ve attempted, or should possibly make another attempt with a different game plan. Most risks are not that big of a deal really. So what if the soda machine ate your dollar? So what if your socks are wet from walking in the rain? We take risks everyday of our lives, we just don’t quite know it. When you get behind the wheel, or strap into that roller coaster, your safety is not guaranteed. Taking a small risk is perfectly fine, as long as there is no big price of failure. But people hate to fail, its only natural for us humans. But once you come to see that messing up is not the end of the world, you’ll be more willing to try things.

Taking risks is not only for success and failure. It can create memories that you will forever remember, and stories to tell for a later time. It puts a little excitement in our lives and makes us all unique. How would the world be if nobody took the risk to do anything, to stay on the safe side of the sidewalk? There would be nothing to watch on TV, no sports to play, no more things that are enjoyable, which we take for granted today. By doing the daring, you get away from the safe side of the sidewalk. You decide to walk along the curb or even cross the street. This opens up new doors and opportunities wait us. By crossing that street, you may come across a store that catches your eye. So you decide to check it out and since you seem so interested, the store owner offers you a job! By mustering up the courage to cross the road, you’ve now earned yourself a job. These risks put more excitement into our lives, making them that more enjoyable and maybe even new doors will open after you enter through one. Like if after working at the store for so long, they offer you a place in management!

But who said you had to do all this alone? People don’t want to do things alone. We want someone to share our feelings with, to know that someone is there with you. That’s why when little children are scared at night, they sneak to their parents room and sleep with their parents. The danger (although there is no real danger, they’re just scared) is still there, they feel more at peace because somebody is there with them. It makes us feel more secure. Like it wont be so bad of a fall if others fall with you. Not only does taking risks with family and friends give you a morale boost, it strengthens the relationship you have with one another. It creates a stronger bond between you because you can relate to one another. Not only with friends and family, but possibly even grow stronger religiously. You may not have anyone there with you to go through with, but spiritually you are never alone. You may pray to whatever you call your God, growing closer to them and becoming for spiritually attached. Possibly even changing your life for the better. But that’s if you are religious. If you claim to have no God or higher being, its never too late to do so, to become part of a religion.

And why do we take risks? Its because there is some reward we desire at the end. Otherwise, there would be no point in doing so. There is always the possibility of failure but you are just as likely to succeed if you try hard enough. Successfully reaching your goal makes you more confident in yourself. You’ve just accomplished something challenging, and now you reap the benefits of doing so. Because of what your actions were, how you did things, you came out on top. I’m not saying to go out and attempt to outrun the police, jump out of an airplane without instructions and attempt to skydive by yourself, or anything drastic like that. Create memories and stories to tell. Get that adrenaline pumping through your veins and come out on top, the victor!