Social Media Argumentative Topics

The rise in popularity of different social media platforms has caused a lot of changes across the globe. For starters, memes and trends spread too fast that one single meme can be viewed and shared by millions of people in one hour. Privacy, safety, and social responsibility are becoming extremely important as more people are relying on social media to communicate, study, work, and affect the lives of others.

  • What is the right age to allow children to have their own private social media accounts?
  • Does spending too much time on social media ruin family and personal relationships?
  • Social media pranks and challenges: Are they really dangerous?
  • Social media platforms can change someone‚Äôs point of view and bias.
  • Should social media platforms be monitored and controlled?
  • Are funny memes ethical?
  • Reporting offensive social media content: Is it really worth it?
  • International trends and how they affect the way we behave.
  • Are YouTubers responsible for comments their fans publish on their posts?
  • Making money off social media.