Marketing and Sustainable Development by Jovic & Novčić Essay

The article “Marketing and sustainable development” focuses on the relationship between the two concepts and their comprehensive application in business practice. Initially, the idea of sustainable development was focused mainly on reducing the environmental footprint of business activity. However, within a few years, sustainable development became a much broader term encompassing environmental, social, and economic aspects (Jovic & Novčić, 2016). This means that to achieve sustainable development, companies or governments have to avoid inflicting environmental damage and facilitating social inequality while also using natural resources and technologies in optimal ways to contribute to economic growth.

A concept that links marketing and sustainable development is sustainable marketing. This term refers to marketing-related processes aimed at consumers and companies that take sustainability seriously, as well as at products and services promoting sustainability (Jovic & Novčić, 2016). Sustainable marketing focuses not just on profits but also on the long-term environmental, social, and economic consequences. According to the authors, the concept is particularly relevant to the modern business environment. It may help companies increase demand for products, build customer relationships, and promote a great business image.

Overall, the article is useful because it explains the concepts of sustainable development and marketing in detail. However, the text lacks practical information about strategies or tools used in sustainable marketing. This means that it can be used by managers and researchers as an introduction to the topic, but further literature search is required to support the implementation and practice of sustainable marketing.


Jovic, M., & Novčić, B. (2016). Marketing and sustainable development. In XV International Symposium SYMORG (pp. 2-7). Zlatibor, Serbia: Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

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