Domestic and International Marketing Definition Essay

Domestic and international marketing requires companies to have well-established channels while also being able to improve their competitiveness to withstand the pressure from other firms. When it comes to comparing the two types of marketing, there are some differences. For instance, global marketing can be considered local in disguise because the main problem that companies face in global marketing is the scope (Bolman, 2015). However, they fail to understand that being successful in the global market requires companies to translate their strategy implemented in the domestic market to a new environment with different cultural and linguistic values (Smartling, 2015). This implies allowing global customers have the same brand experiences that domestic customers have already had.

Another example of how domestic and international marketing differs relates to the correct use of language. Thus, it means that the context of the marketing message should be accurate; if not, the content risks falling flat. For instance, in Quebec, Canada, consumers are accustomed to complete bilingual compliance of all businesses, which may mean that some companies will have to change their names, mission statements, and even logos (“Language laws and doing business in Quebec,” n.d.). Lastly, the scale is another major difference for which companies should account. In order to compete in several markets and account for the increased coverage of operations, companies should scale their global translations and learn to manage several platforms targeted at different consumers. A multi-domestic mindset is needed to reach customers from destinations such as Brazil, China, India, or Australia. Instead of using the us-to-them mentality, companies will do better if they consider the us-to-us-to-us mentality in which a new audience is seen as a new subset that calls for localization and transcreation.


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