“Why Leaders Eat Last” the Film by Simon Sinek Essay (Movie Review)

In my opinion, Simon Sinek’s film “Why Leaders Eat Last” is a useful source for leaders on all levels of the organizational hierarchy. I related to the ideas presented by Simon since he focused on cooperation and collaboration that benefit all participants.

These ideas resonated with me because I see a leader as someone who is an integral part of a group. From watching Simon’s talk, I learned about the qualities, attitudes, and skills that distinguish good leaders from bad leaders. For example, Simon states that empathy is a crucial quality for leaders since it allows them to build stable relationships with other employees. Bad leaders, on the other hand, rely on authority and employees’ fear to maintain high-performance levels.

The presentation inspired me to make a positive change in my life because I found it very affirmative. For the vast part of my life, I had thought that I was too soft to be a leader. I believed that leaders had to be strict and feared by others, and I could not force myself to change in such away. However, after watching Sinek’s film, I realized that I could become a great leader and that I should make a positive change by showing more initiative and dedication in my work. Therefore, the explanation of the differences between good and bad leaders was the most influential part of the video to me.

Sinek’s comments about the role of different hormones were also very informative. In this part of the video, Simon connects the theory of leadership to neurobiology, thus providing a solid foundation for his leadership theory. This area was influential to me, and I intend to use this knowledge in my future life and work. Another prominent area is Sinek’s discussion of trust, where he mentions that people only trust the leaders that do not act in their self-interest and are willing to make sacrifices for others. I will remember this principle and try to apply it in my future life to ensure that I am a trustworthy leader. All in all, the film was very inspirational for me, and there was a lot of information in it that I will use in the future.

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