Suicide & Its Prevention: Symptoms & Causes

A suicide in simple words is someone dying of their own will. There is no doubt that every suicide is a loss, as it takes place due to severe hopelessness in life. However, every suicide is a mystery too. Because even if the person states why they are committing suicide, human consciousness fails to understand the motivation someone can get to engage in self-murder. 

The root of every suicide is low self-esteem and poor self-reflection, which tempt the person to finish all the problems by ending their lives, as they don’t find themselves capable of solving them (PsychologyToday, Self Absorption). 

The primary trigger factor of suicide is depression. There are also other psychiatric disorders and mental illnesses which lead to several suicides every year. Sometimes a prior suicide attempt or an act of impulsiveness becomes the main cause of death (Cleveland Clinic, Suicidal Behavior & Signs).  


According to the World Health Organisation, almost 1 million people die every year due to suicide. It is an unfortunate statistic that shows how many individuals take their own lives, usually because of reason and problems that are solvable. 

However, suicides in most cases are preventable, and it is our social and ethical responsibility to save people from suicidal depression if we see any indication.

For anyone to prevent or identify suicidal depression, they must know the standard facts. Universally, more women attempt suicide than men. But when it comes to completing the act, men are more likely to actually take the action. Therefore, it can be more difficult to convince men to not commit suicide rather than women. Moreover, people of age between 45-and 54 commit suicide the most, usually because they feel that they have no purpose in life now (AFSP, Suicide Statistics). 

Although, it is difficult to grasp entirely why someone wants to commit suicide, talking to these victims actually helps to change their minds. 

If any individual is believed to be at risk of suicide, there are specific indications that should alert people around the victim. These people are likely to have mood swing problems. Also, lack of purpose and feeling of being a burden are two active indicators that a person might be inclined towards committing suicide. 


Remember suicide is a desperate attempt to finish the suffering. All one has to do is to remind the victim that there is another way, a solution they cannot see. 

The triggering feelings of self-loathing, hopelessness, and isolation often cause people to attempt and commit suicide. Observe if someone is going through such emotions on a severe level because it is difficult to stop or know about a suicide at the eleventh hour. So, the best way is to eliminate the chances by helping people to feel better in the first place. 

  • Spread awareness around you about suicide. Talk about what can trigger it, how a suicidal person can ask for help, and how people can help suicidal individuals. 
  • Talk it out, if you know someone who is or can be suicidal, talk to them. Catharsis is the best cure to prevent suicide (NCBI, The course of post-crisis suicidal symptoms). 
  • If you know a person is going to commit suicide, report support service centres.

Now you know how to prevent suicide, ensure that you make them feel good and stop them from suicide act.

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