The Light Language: Symbols And Meaning Free Essay


Have you ever wondered if there are external forces that rummage the universe’s intricate pattern, an entirely different form of communication linking with external forces that oftentimes resemble mythical beings in motion picture movies? Or have you thought of the connection that lingers in your heart, in every living human heart?

There is an extricable metaphysical phenomenon known as Light language Symbols that consider the earth as one of the many connection paths that exist. The symbols and overall language explain human behaviour in different shades. And to understand them, one would need to comprehend the body of language in which light lies as the main source of conveyance.

Light Language can be defined as a combination of light information and geometry—the foundational structure—that transports messages in a deep, mythical way. Yvonne Perry says that this language is produced by vibrations: a sacredness endued from some sort of mighty creator.

The creator gifts the symbol of light language to enable receivers to operate on a “deep-soul” level of connection with minute entities—animals, nature, and even human beings—and the usual form of sounds.

The light language and its study are metaphysical. It is said that some individuals receive visions of symbols in their dreams. Some are spontaneously encapsulated in a trance of movement and outbursts of strange, “galactic” words. It is easy to compare this act to speaking in tongues. Whereas speaking in tongues involves the intervention of a spiritual invisible being, light language offers communication as a “source” via light codes and geometry, also known as angelic scripts.

Some describe light language as an innate part of every human that is channelled—knowingly or unknowingly—through the heart as clicks, pulses, animal voices, etc. Signals via light language can be transmitted in two forms; Healing and DNA activation.

Healing energy is transmitted through light language. It transcends from a point of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs or issues to accepting that you are your healer. It involves recognizing your needs while a light healer voices specific symbols of light that indulge vibrations into your soul, spirit, and mind.

They say that hearing light symbols is a nuanced point of relaxation. It often leaves an elusive mark on the individual wanting to be healed. As a language of the heart, the function of healing is done out of respect for the great beyond; that creation is beyond science and we are all sentient beings.

This form of healing is expected to offer a deeper connection with the soul. It can be received through meditations or other similar practices. The symbols go beyond the layman’s idea of art. It is a conceptual institution.

Acidemias and speakers of the light language note that to truly understand it, you must go through a process of DNA activation. Dimensional Navigational Attunement encompasses codes of light that rouse an individual’s journey to ascension.

If an individual is not ascended, he cannot attain the peak of understanding light symbols. DNA activation transforms the “body into its angelic form”; it helps one formulate telepathic transmissions as well as comprehend them; it lets one harness an interconnected bridge between light codes and forces.

Most light speakers refute its translation because they are more sacred than the analyses mere humans would subject them to. The language is a source of art harnessed only in the heart and nowhere else. Moreover, some have taken the liberty of translating some of these symbols into readable content and audio files of clicks, strange animal sounds, and light pulses. Let us look at some of these symbols below.

Amongst the numerous light language symbols, this article will focus on four. Each symbol carries a definitive meaning, conversely, most are used to display invariable feelings. Just like the English language has a vast array of words, the light language has a vast array of symbols like ancient forms of writings such as hieroglyphics, nsibidi, etc.

There are the ones that inspire creativity; the one that portrays emergency transmission of signals; the one that inspires bravery and exoneration; the one that portrays a host of starship, dolphins, ladybug, and prehistoric human communications; and the one that inspires, provides a sense of love, clarity, telepathy, balance, and blessings. All these symbols pass a message to the readers that understand them.

The Atlantean belt, an eclipse crossed by a horizontal swirl of a loose “S” recalls the history of Atlantis, its destruction, and reverence as a mythical location under the sea. The message of the symbol is to let whoever wields it; write or look at it, to let bygones be bygones, just like the lost sea city. The symbol sends a message to release all forms of fear and embrace the present.

The second is known as the heart beacon—a multicoloured circular symbol with a flurry of garish hearts forming a cross—encourages people to be kind to others; to accept change as it is, an inevitability. The symbol is a marker for curtailing life vices, the greed that exists in the world’s order. It excites the viewer to navigate his heart and radiate the love within it.

Another symbol is the Abundance—a circular spiral with the letter “L” running vertically across, and a diamond shape perched above its upper end. This depicts itself in a new reality without negativity. An abundance that should run deeply in the life of all light readers. The symbol lets the viewer have whatever they want in this reality.


Finally, the symbol of wealth creation—the wealth creation ray—is a symbol of three light circles made prominent by a Venn diagram of three intersecting triangles that form the “Star of David” shape. This symbol represents a transcendence of understanding, a reception of light codes that will enable one to explore. It signifies the wealth that swims through the DNA, a spur for knowledge, and more.

Light Language symbols are viewed as a new source of communication expanding beyond physical reality. Practitioners of this language believe in intergalactic patterns, telepathy, and things that often face misinterpretations. It can be described as a different type of religion.

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